I spent all day yesterday lazing around. I slept in, took a nap, and went to bed early. The weather here went from a high in the 70s Friday to a high in the upper 30s, lower 40s today. My body thinks this is too much to cope with! 

Sunday (today) I will have to keep a hot cup of tea nearby to inspire me to forge ahead with projects. I have several in various stages, as you might guess. 

I got involved in making dog beds for the Humane Society to sell through their thrift shop. Several guild members donate fabric, and we use fabric scraps and dryer sheets to fill pillowcase shapes. I came across two yards of fabric in the dog bed stash that were repurpose-able so I will have to replace the two yards I removed. That is easy enough. I have some black and white seersucker that will hold up well as dog beds. I may have three or four yards of it!

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