Don't confuse this blue with what you saw yesterday. I assure you it is not Dazzling Blue, nor is it Placid Blue nor Violet Tulip. It is plain, old, ordinary baby blue velour. It is velour because I could not find blue flannel. 

My back-up sewing machine hates it. Or loves it? I set the stitch length at 4, but it insists I must mean that it requires about 24 stitches, possibly 36 stitches per inch. It was a real tussle to get it to do free motion quilting the day before, but yesterday, trying to coax it to use its walking foot and a little restraint was impossible. It is too late to get a good picture of the front of this fabric but suffice it to say, it is indelibly imprinted on my mind. I  hand quilted it for about 12 hours yesterday, and it is intended as a DRAG-AROUND, not a work of art. Oh, well. All handmade gifts are a work of heART.

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