Have you noticed my new graphic?
This blog hop will be going on the same time as She who Sews blog hop .

I am a STOP on a BLOG HOP. 

I have enjoyed blog hops for a couple of years now. Usually, people who share a particular enthusiasm mix in with people who design and sell supplies for an enthusiasm and over a series of days, different blogs feature something on a theme. I have won several prizes, some quite recently.

This is a quilting/sewing blog hop which will be an every-other day hop for DOOR STOPS. As far as you know, I have not been a collector of door stops but I am a sewing and quilting enthusiast. I will be creating a door stop and on my day to hostess, I will have all the exciting information about the hop and photos of my door stop and maybe I will figure out some kind of prize. This is a party I can attend without having to bring a covered dish! HOORAY! I can host without dusting and cleaning! HOORAY!

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