EXTRA POST! 6.18.12

I did the June Free Motion Quilt Challenge. This month's lesson was by CINDY NEEDHAM. I can honestly say I ENJOYED IT. I rarely have been able to say that about FMQ because I am still such a beginner.
I liked making the little pebbles and the geometry of lines got easier and easier. I would LOVE to tell you the secrets she revealed but you will just have to go to her site and find out yourself! I used three full bobbins of thread to get this far.

I love the way the geometric shapes lend themselves to landscapes. Of course, I had to return to the heart/leaves vine shape. It is getting easier!
I was inspired to make a snow globe.You can tell by looking at my pine tree that I come from Florida. Pines usually have less of a palm look to them but the snowman has potential!


sherry said...

love the pebbles...so different...all different shapes and sizes they look very real

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I understand exactly how you feel...but I think you did well...if you want to feel really good; take a look at mine on my blog post. I haven't linked up yet....