I will be going to  a quilters retreat in a week or so. One of the projects is a Hunters Star Quilt, like this one. I did not make this one and I think the one we are doing may have more blocks but this is surely eye catching. Here is the fabric I have chosen for mine. In the sample, I chose fabric #3 from the left for the dark fabric. It is Civil War Homefront by Barbara Brackman.
I think the particular design is called Poke Salad. I bought #4 from the left--same design in red--to use as border. I Also bought two other pieces of fabric. I will use a red and cream stripe as a flange and the "white" part of the star is a heavy cream color with tiny star and leaf print, America the Beautiful by Judy Rothermel.
These last two pictures do not really show the deep cream color well enough. I think I have seen it referred to as "honey". The project is W-A-A-A-A-Y outside my comfort zone but it is a good idea to stretch once in a while.

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