There is going to be a new baby in my extended family. J's brother's eldest daughter is expecting in October. Soon there will be a GRAND niece or nephew--GRAND!

In honor of being made one generation further removed from modern times I made a grandmother's necklace for my sister-in-law and a mother's necklace for her expectant daughter.

BD-McV has a January birthday, so her birthstone is garnet. Her husband, RMcV, is February, so his is amethyst. The stone for October is open to discussion. Besides, with babies, one never knows. It may come in September! So the necklaces have no specific birth stone for the focal pieces. Today, look at the grandmother necklace, made for S.

The bib is significant because when she heard the good news, S went right out and bought a package of bibs for her daughter. She wanted to buy everything in the store, but restrained herself. I am proud of her and happy for her upcoming new role as first grandmother of our generation in the family.