The view from the road. We live near a TVA dam. That is, Tennessee Valley Authority. Actually, we live near several TVA dams. This is Nottley Reservoir. It was built in 1941 and crosses the Nottley River with about 2,300 feet of roadway. The name comes from the Cherokee village, Nadhuli, which was on the shores of the river. If you click this link, TVA, you can see a list of the TVA reservoirs. Not only that, if you lightly move your cursor over the names on the right of the map, a little square will show up on the map giving you the location.

Lake Nottley was quite low a summer or two ago. In fact, we had drought conditions. You would never know that now. The spillway is open and people are concerned that the 61,100 acre-feet of storage in the reservoir might not be enough.

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