A new friend, K, took me to two quilt guild meetings. The first one met in the United Methodist Church and must have had 300 ladies there. It was every bit as organized and hierarchical as the guild I briefly joined in Orlando. It is a very busy guild and has a lot to offer if I can overlook the rigidity of some of its features.

The second one met in Blue Ridge, in a community room of our bank. It is sponsored by a quilt shop, Country Stitches, in Blue Ridge and had about 25 ladies in attendance. It was a friendly and happy group and I really enjoyed myself. The leader of the day showed several samples of what was new in the shop, there was show-and-tell, ladies turned in blocks they did to be assembled into a charity quilt, there was a reminder for a local challenge fabric contest, and then there was the fat eighths pieces challenge which I will write about another day.

The fabric picture at the top is the Shop Hop challenge fabric. I was reluctant to attempt a small quilt for this contest since I only had two weeks to get it ready and everyone else has had months. Not only that, I did not really find the fabric inspiring for a small wall quilt. The shop ladies and my new friend urged me on with it so I dove in. I managed to find fabrics in my stash to round out the palette, created a design, and drafted it out on the first day.

On the second day, I cut and began some of the piecing.

On the third day, I finished the piecing and found batting and backing in my stash and applied the borders.

On the fourth day, I basted.

On the fifth day I quilted and then took out the quilting since I did not like the effect. Luckily, I had hand-quilted and four hours of work only took one hour to remove.

Day six, new experiments with quilting and a new direction. Today is day seven and I expect to do some more quilting. I probably will not put the binding on today but I might. It is early still.


KMo said...

WoW, M! You are amazing!!! In awe of you even more now (if that is possible)!!!

Jeffre said...

Good for Bup-Bip-Buhs