We have had a visitor for a couple of weeks--FLAT STANLEY. We have enjoyed his stay and taken his photograph all over town. See? He went to get donuts with us one day. If you click on the link, you can find out about this literacy project inspired by the story by Dale Hubert.

You will notice that Stanley is dressed to fit in around town. He has mossy oak cargo pants and a matching mossy oak t-shirt with the University of Georgia logo on it. His hat is also mossy oak and has a picture of Uga (THE University of Georgia Bulldog, click the link and see the real thing) on it. Unfortunately, when Stanley arrived he was wearing orange and blue. There is not a lot of tolerance for that color combination around here. In fact, orange is an extremely controversial color.

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KMo said...

M, you are so cool & funny! I wish you were my Aunt!!! :-)
Thank for taking this on and making it extra special for E! YOU are the BEST SIL and Sister ever! Love, K