Oh. No. I signed up for a peyote stitch jewelry class. I wonder if we will make anything like these beads that I saw at Embroidered Soul made by someone named Helen. Where am I headed with this?

One time, not too long ago, I had the idea of planning out my days and weeks, lining up successive projects. Maybe spend an hour or two a day on one thing, then move to another, then another.

Now it seems I let caprice take me where it will.  I thought about that for awhile. What if I stayed with one thing at a time or what if when I woke up in the morning, I consulted my planner and then set off to work on whatever was on the schedule? I think it would turn into WORK on what was on the schedule, instead of enjoy. Besides, I think I work more efficiently when I am driven by that almost uncontrollable urge to make. Whatever the project will be.

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