Basket classes are going well. All I have left on the Nantucket is the handle and flattening the rim brads. The Thursday class moves right along and I have about another hour of work to finish a market basket.

I finished my Boneyard Shawl. See? I like the color balance and the great design.  Next time I need a satisfying, semi-long-term knit, I will use the pattern. The pattern calls for all one piece of yarn--that is, not switching for color. I have seen it in multi-colored yarns as well as solids and semi-solids. I think I would enjoy making it in a heathered natural or some other subtly colored yarn. There was one finished on Ravelry that was of a LONG color repeat and even though the purl ridges did not occur at the color changes, I liked it quite well. This shawl works up in all gauges of yarn, just adjust for yarn thickness regarding needle size and amount of yarn needed.

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