Remember the post from the day before yesterday? The great little find on Ravelry? I finished my version of it!
 Mine is different and intended to be worn as a headband. I started my assembly in the middle and worked out. I had two sets of live stitches at both ends. I joined the panels one on top of the other, reduced the number of stitches and joined the two ends with a somewhat stretchy (also a little sloppy looking) garter stitch.
I will test wear it tomorrow. I think I might experiment with some embroidery in the center section. It looks like it could be a flower.

Next time I knit this, I will NOT use Cleckheaton Country. It is too splitty and the stitches didn't have the uniformity that a well-spun yarn has. Too bad they did that to perfectly good Australian wool.

I might try this with a sock yarn and a sport yarn. I think that is what the designer used but I used a worsted and size 5 needles.

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