Nantucket basket making today! I have always wanted to take a Nantucket class. Probably because I always wanted to own a Nantucket basket but never could afford to buy one.

I expect we are making the very simplest of the round variety today.

Even years ago as a child, the one I wanted was an oval lidded purse with seashell design. Everywhere I saw Nantucket baskets (EVEN on Nantucket), the seashell lidded purse was easily twice as much as I could part with. There were some tiny round ones I could have bought, in the Carribean Islands, and they LOOKed authentic, but I never would settle for less than what I wanted when buying baskets. I will not mind making a basket of any size--I will not mind making one of any kind! But to think that today I will begin to learn a new style is pretty exciting.

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KMo said...

Awesome, M! I can't wait to see pics of YOUR Nantucket basket!!!