I am taking basketry classes again and really enjoying it. There will be no silk knitting, though, if my hands get rough. I have a finished small basket from earlier this week which I will photograph when the sun comes up.

We had snow last night but my favorite weather website indicates no more snow until maybe Monday or Tuesday. I expect there will be soup in my near future.
Well. The sun DID come up and here is my finished napkin basket. I hope to attend a private class tomorrow. Thursdays are classes designed for seniors. My Thursday teacher invited me to attend a class he teaches at his place of business. I hope I will soon have pictures to show.


KMo said...

OOOOOOoooo, that is BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!! Wow! I like the colors you choose, too!!! Gorgeous!!! :-) K

Purl Buttons said...

Thanks! Even at CODE RED STRESS ALERT you are the best!