Steadily working through my started projects, sidetracked just a little bit. 

lovefrombeth's pattern store link is HERE
I found this cute pattern called STORAGE PODS by lovefromBeth, and before you ask for a copy from me, please know that makes me uncomfortable. 

If I feel saying no will affect our friendship, I will make you a copy and secretly pay the designer. To do otherwise is stealing. Enough said on that subject.

So, I bought, downloaded, and made one yesterday. 

I was afraid at the beginning that I couldn't do it, but it was really easy. It takes two fat quarters of fabric for the whole thing. 

I think I would like mine to be larger, and to tell the truth, larger might be a little better for my purposes. Anyway, I enjoyed the whole thing.

Also finished the machine work--binding and all--on a charity quilt; just have the handwork to go.  This was a charm pack and the leftover black and white strips from the quilt below.

Continued on my funny circles. I think I will call that one Scrapbag Serendipity. You can see the orange back of the Quilt-As-You-Go, with the pink binding strip. I have it organized that the sections will show on the back, but on the front it will look like a normal quilt.

I am going to try to make a label for it. There are a lot of quilts I have made that are wandering this earth without labels.

In Splendid Sampler news, here is 19% of my project. I am enjoying the challenge, but it seems to me some of these ladies have gone out of their way to make intricate and difficult "show-off" blocks to separate the wheat from the chaff. That may not be true, but I surely feel like chaff on some of them. A bad day sewing still beats a good day cleaning house.

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