My version of a Quilt-As-You-Go.
Well, part of it, anyway!
Practicing my machine quilting.

Last year, Country Stitches had a Scrappy Club. 

They gave away Fat Eighth of a yard of black, and a Fat Eighth of a yard of White--different blacks and whites each time. 

I added some of my own black and whites and grabbed some orphaned greens. I saw that maybe I could add in some hot pinks and oranges. 

Then I set about appliquéing circles. Lots of circles. Lots and lots. I have  block sets like this one that add up to 99 circles.

Plus one for practice. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my free motion experience. I found that my earlier blocks had less uniform petals but the centers of the circles had more character. By the time I got to the top row, the petals looked nicer but the centers were boring. It was fun, fun, FUN!.

I have an idea of how I am going to join the segments but I have stalled out on trying it. I guess I should just dive in, right? Otherwise, I have 12 placemats and 3 square table toppers that need to be bound!

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