It seems like I have to relearn everything about Zone 6-7 climate every winter, so before I put away my last long-sleeved shirts, I thought I should make a list.

Just for YOU, Mom and Dad.
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1. Have enough pet food and toilet paper on hand for an extra two weeks. 
2. ALWAYS keep a travel pack of tissues and a spare lip balm in EVERY jacket
3. Undershirts are a good idea and keep the cold from creeping down your neck to your knees--tuck them in.
4. Wearing a scarf indoors makes the whole body warmer.
5. Fingerless gloves and mitts are great for most types of handwork.
THIS LINK takes you to Liferoots
where I found the image on an herbal
tea maker's site
6.  Hot tea is good all day, but herbal will let you sleep at night.
7. Two nightgowns and a bathrobe are just fine; you are unlikely to be invited to a fashion event without enough time to change beforehand
8. Socks, but also slippers, which will keep your feet happy. Non-slip treads.
9. Lotion. As a Florida girl, I totally underestimated the value of lotion. I probably only used lotions a couple of times a year before I moved here. In the winter, lotion--LOTS of it--are needed every time any skin is exposed to water. ANY skin. No wants to sit next to someone who is scratching and flaking all over the place.
10. Hot sauce on appropriate foods is a great idea.
11. If you buy "all weather" porch furniture from Maine, you never have to bring it in out of the snow.
12. Don't turn on the wipers unless the windshield is clear of ice and they have been unstuck from the glass.
13. Not the best time to reward yourself with ice cream or gelato--you will not enjoy it as much as you will when it is 90 degrees + outside. 

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