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I gave up trying to make pumpkin carving a family event, long, long ago when I found out I was the only one in the family who cared. My kids were still young enough to wear costumes but not old enough to go out on their own. 

It was a sad day; I realized the cherished memories I had of my own childhood could not be repeated, and probably shouldn't be. (Decorating the Christmas Tree--ugh. Don't ask) 

These days, if I carve a gourd, it is because when I bought it, I did not coerce the produce guy to cut it in half for me, for cooking.
Martha Stewart says these are cats. I disagree.

Not long ago, my OregonBrother told me my spirit animal was an owl. I would like to think I could make jack-o-lanterns as cute as these. They would suit me just fine.

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