An actual group, though I am not sure how serious
they are--it looks like an enabling support system!
THIS should link to the group in case
you find yourself in the area.

Well. That is a long way to go to avoid the problem I have going on at my place. I have had several offers of help, but you know how it goes.

It is a problem I actually want to tackle on my own. I just need three completely uninterrupted days to myself.

I hope to go on a hike Friday, but after that, I think I will dig right in. My plan is to use "centers" for the different types of things I come across, then organize each center, then put the newly organized components into their homes. I hope I can be brutally honest with myself and remove from my possession those things VERY unlikely to be wanted in the future.

I usually do what I call triage sorting: putting immediate need/want-to-finish projects in order in a separate container, but I think I now have two of those containers. Big ones. That hold 14 gallons of whatever.
How many quilters does it take to clear a stash? Five. 
~One to put the folded fabric on the shelves, four to lead discussions: 
~One to explain how SHE folds HER fabric
~One to suggest organizing by color
~One to put forth the idea that scale of print is the key for organizing
~One to say organizing by style of fabric makes it easier 
~One to keep the day lively by pointing out which fabrics are also present in her own stash.

Oh, wait, that's six. No wonder I have trouble with stash management. 

Did I tell you I also have the urge to complete empty every cabinet in my kitchen and pantry, scrub down everything, and reorganize so the things I actually use are accessible?

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