I have been checking out traveling options. I seem to do a lot of flying to Oregon and have a trip to California coming up, as well as a trip to Chicago, and most likely, Florida.
Iconic Airport Carpet
I enjoy flying and don't mind "down time" in airports. Most have art exhibits and all have interesting people to watch. But I thought it might be nice to have transportation once I arrive at a destination. Naturally, I thought about a vehicle I could sleep in, make coffee in, and haul around a few basic necessities such as quilting and knitting projects, and Lily Dog. Wet-bath, optional. I know how to use a facility in a campground, even though it is not my favorite way to attend to personal grooming.

About six months ago, I made the first steps to finding out about the very smallest sized motor homes. I stopped at a local FORD dealer and spoke with two salesmen. They showed me the available used motor homes, which I told them were too big for me. Then they told me the size I was looking for (turns out it was Class B) was no longer being made, so I would not be able to find one, most likely. Not only that, the Truck Camper, which is the smallest option is also not being made but I might find one for sale from an individual, so wouldn't I like to look inside this lovely Class C or this Fifth Wheel? No, I would not.
Unconverted, not very attractive outside, either.

I asked about a Ford Transit van. They had several and they were somewhat reasonably priced, but completely naked inside. I mean, not even insulation and interior panels. I asked about converting one, but they had never heard of it and maybe knew one person who would know anything about that. I got (and then lost) his number and then just dropped the idea.

Imagine my surprise when I found out not only do they still make the size motor homes I am interested in, van conversion is a huge business, (the Ford Transit vans are some of the big success conversions) AND, there are also truck campers out there. Some 2016 models are available for pre-order, and many places have used models.
We have one that might be for sale but we can't tell you
what sized truck it needs unless you pay the ransom
of personal information so we can hound you and
increase your junk mail to mountainous heights.
Unfortunately, on the website which has outlets nation-wide and a live chat option, no one can tell me what size truck I need for the one that is available in Chattanooga unless I give them my email address and phone number. No one can tell me. No one. Amazing.

The research continues. 

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, they can tell you, they just won't tell you without that information. Do some googling on that particular model. The manufacturer should be able to give you a lot more info on it. Do a search on Craig's list for used RV's. You might be surprised. Good luck.