My grocery store has a Starbucks inside it. Some of you may not think that is very unusual, but I live in a place where the opening of a Chik-fil-a was front page news on more than one occasion, and one of the very few NON-buffet restaurants is named Fatz.

Maybe you remember that I do NOT care for Starbucks coffee. 

I don't. 

Unfortunately, I found out I DO like their milkshakes. You know, the stuff they make that doesn't have any of their muddy, ground-sweepings flavored coffee in it. Frappuccinos.

Then I tried a Chai Iced Latte, and I was hooked. The problem is, it disappears too fast. But today, I have Tazo's Chai concentrate, which I am going to try for the first time. We will see. Tea Time is going to be interesting.

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