Several mornings this week temperatures have begun in the very low 40s, then warmed up to my favorite Pretty-Much-Need-a-Light-Jacket-Temperature. ALMOST warm enough to sit on the porch for an hour or so. This weather has been beautiful and the bunnies love it. I bought some repellent to remind them not to dine on my day lilies. 

There are wild blackberry bushes right across the road, and when I open the door to go into the yard, they either dive for under the porch, or head to the briar patch. Yesterday, we had a pair of Blue Tick Hounds scenting around for hours. Then, they headed to Quilty Friend's yard, where she reports they took a nap on her lawn after trying to sit in her porch swing beside her! They were as cute as can be. It made me want to have a couple, myself. 
How I imagine myself with a Blue Tick, sitting on the porch.
Neighborhood is probably better off if it is jacket weather, however.

I DO want a big dog, maybe, but I know scent hounds have their own scent that is not pleasant indoors. What kind of dog should I get? 

I have a few years to consider it. Lily dog turned 10, yesterday, and she is still frisky as a puppy. However, she was NOT happy to have other dogs in her yard.

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