Knitting today. I will go to Strings and Stitches and work on this cute little cap.
Since I am knitting at the store, the polite thing is to work with yarn purchased there. Last time I went, I bought some Cascade 220 

for Perennial, by Alana Dakos, and cast on. It is going to be a fun knit, but I have to keep myself from knitting on it at home so I don't use it up before I want to go back to the store. It is nice to sit and be still in the company of other ladies.

Don't think I am devoting the entire day to leisure. I will begin my trip with a visit to the dump and end it with a trip to the grocery store. Sometimes I think I should just go from grocery store directly to the dump and just unload the groceries right there. 

Actually, it is the packaging that is taking me back to the dump on a regular basis. I have too much wild life to consider composting my organic refuse, so that takes up a little space.
By and large, though, packaging is the bulk of my carload. That and junk mail. Every time I go, I have enough junk mail to fill two boxes that hold 10 reams of paper each.

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