Just this week I mailed off a gift for exchange with a member of a group I belong to, SmallQuiltTalk, sponsored by Kathleen Tracy, who blogs at SentimentalQuilter. I know I have mentioned that before. 

Yesterday, I prepared a fabric gift for exchange at one of my guilds, Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild. I am almost in the quilty spirit, but I continue to reach for the knitting needles when I am not reading or playing around on the computer. 

Next week is the Christmas luncheon at Misty Mountain Quilt Guild, then the next day a luncheon for Friendship Group. The day after that, one more foody-hobby related get-together for the Fiber Enthusiasts group at the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association. 
Lindt Truffles--a favorite "finger-food" of mine

You know I am not much on cooking but you will be pleased to know I have only resorted to ONE pre-packaged "finger food" for these four food-centric deals. 
Lindt Truffles in a quilt block shape.
Maybe I am ready to start thinking quilting...

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