A lot of you did not know I was going to Italy tomorrow, October 30. 

The plan was to go and spend a couple of days in Spain, take a Mediterranean cruise, and visit Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, then go back to Florence for a few days, and then head home sometime around the middle of November. 

All through the planning, I never thought it would actually happen, so I told very, very few people. 

It turns out I was right. 

The trip is cancelled and refunds have been refunded. 

Instead, I am painting, carpeting, and re-outfitting the master bedroom.

When I finish drafting this post, (last Sunday afternoon) I will be getting ready to apply primer to walls I suspect were never really painted. I will post this Wednesday. 

These made the final four, even though it looks like there are five of them. I put my second favorite under the first favorite, just to see. There are huge splotches on every wall and I have looked at them at various times during the day to see how they fare in different light. It is amazing to me how different the tiny "chips" are in the store when compared with home light.

(Edited to add: Quilty Friend helped with the color application and the final room looks GREAT)

Valspar Scent of Coconut
as seen online
I finally chose Scent of Coconut, which looks very lemony to me when I am at Lowes Depot. Over here to the right, it looks like dingy-white.

I had to make two trips to choose color samples because I came home with some very school-bus-ish ideas of warm color. Well, they looked nice in the store, that is all I have to say.

I chose flat paint, rather than the satin that the samples came in. I doubt I will care that the walls are more washable the glossier they are. Because I was just a little concerned that the color was a touch too pale, I wanted all the light to sing with the color and not reflect back. This may be the first time I did not chose satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss for paint.

Photo update

"Cutting in" of primer began around 2:00 p.m., 10.26.14. It looked surprisingly gray while wet but when I checked in the a.m. of 10.27.14, the whole room looked great.

The walls drank the primer like they were parched and it took three times to cover all the sample-splotches.

Quilty Friend showed up the next day and "cut-in" the color.

Great color, yes? I had the dehumidifier going all night and all day. Must have emptied about three quarts of moisture so far. The paint sets up GREAT when the dehumidifier is going.

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Suzanne Riggenbach said...

Nice job Purl, I wish I had the guts to repaint my place. All shades of the yellow are pleasing to me. Yet you are the one who has the "real time" experience. Keep up the good work. Suzanne a whooman (according to Quark).