I am bloggy friends with a lot of people who like what I like. I have been a participant in lots of blog hops and learned lots of new tricks and gotten lots of new ideas for quilting. 

Do you see that graphic on the top right of this screen? The Door Stop? I will have my very own day to show a DOOR STOP that I made. I get to be a hostess! My day will be February 5.
Madam Samm, who organizes these things, decided to run a concurrent hop with Door Stop. It is called She Who Sews, and the hostesses were asked to create something from the Janet Wecker Frisch line of sewing room themed fabric. You can buy some here. It begins today and alternates days with Door Stop. I will do my best to keep you up-to-date with where to go on each day, but don't forget to check back HERE on February 5.

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