Some spinning has been happening. I started back on the wheel LAST WEEK, with some pink. Since pink is my unfavorite, I did not  worry about "wasting" it while I relearned how to spin and ply. After plying and a little Euclan bath, the hank was almost perfectly balanced. I am amazed.
So I looked around and found another pile of roving I thought I might not mind wasting. 

What do you think of this? Photography cannot possibly express the neon of that lime green.
Photography cannot possibly express how much like dried blood that red looks. The turquoise/aqua is a perfectly reasonable color. It looks nice with the green.  But the blood is just too much. It should have been pink or something or NOTHING to play nicely with the others. 

What do you think the people at Spunky Eclectic were thinking? How did this get into my collection?

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