Knitting. Knitting. And more KNITTING. That is what I have been doing. At least, that is what I have been doing when I am not lounging around on PINTEREST. I keep looking at buttons, bakelite, and baskets.

But I AM knitting!
This is a scarf from Unisono sock yarn by Zitron 
This photo from my iPad does NOTHING for the yarn. If I wasn't so lazy, I would get my camera and take a REAL picture. Here is an image of the true colors. Add deepest chocolate brown and take away some of the red.

It is a pure pleasure to work. I keep looking at the scarf, though, and thinking, "This would make a great pair of socks." I knit half the yellow, all the green and most of the turquoise on a single trip to the dump and back. Still, it WOULD make a great pair of socks...

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