I am feeling a little stressed lately, and I think I will take a few days off the blog. Part of my stress is how long it is taking to stain the house. It has been a long time since I could look out a window because they are all taped up and covered with plastic. I knew I relied on my view of the outside to keep me buoyant, but the staining business has really brought that home in a big way. It is making how I handle everyday stress and extra surprise stress just that much more difficult.

We can't sit on the porch because the deck is being stained and the furniture is in the basement. We have to exit by the basement door when the deck has a new coat on it. QuiltyFriend (the Original) is going to take me to Friendship Group and even though I have not quilted in EVER so long, I am looking forward to the outing. Perhaps I will only take a few more days off.

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margueritedesigns said...

Hello - sorry to hear about your predicament! I'm just letting you know about the Vintage Tea Cosy. It wasn't my pattern unfortunately - I am at the moment designing my very first pattern as part of my City and Guilds course. The teacosy was from a Patons Craft/Bazaar booklet. You can find out the details on Ravelry on my page where I'm known as dianemargaret. Anyway, thanks very much!