It has been awhile. Last summer I moved half of my things 10 driving hours away from the home I have known for more than a long time. This took a lot of organizing and sorting, packing, unpacking, rescuing, repacking, loading, unloading, unpacking, and organizing. Not to mention the hours I spent looking for something I was sure I brought with me but could not find.

Amid all this, I decided I would start a blog, if I ever found my sanity again. Well, in the winter there was a lull in my activity; I was back at my accustomed home and I set up and made my first and only entry.

I had an idea to do book reviews since one of my hobbies is reading books about my hobbies. I thought I would have to find a library in my new location but I was wrong.

I didn’t realize how many books I have devoted to my interests. Here they are in order:

Crochet: 4 and a How-to CD

Rugs and Braiding: 4

Paper Arts/Painting: 5

Spinning: 8


Jewelry/Beading: 21

Dollmaking: 21

Basketry: 26

Quilting/Sewing/Embroidery: 38


Yeah. That is 225 books.

I set a goal of a book review a month. I selected my first book and I am waiting to hear from the authors if I may post a picture of its cover. Now I am off to do what I call "triage". That is, I sort pending projects and organize a queue. Immediate projects are ones with deadlines. Next in importance are those which will leave me the most space when they are finished. I guess that means I will not be knitting socks this summer.

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