A Book Review

Today's review will be on the book Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer.

I found the pig on the cover to be too cute to resist. I never thought I would knit a toilet roll cover, I do not particularly like pigs, I do not like pink very much but I have to admit the pig made me pick up the book.

It has 30 designs in knit and crochet although most are knit. It has the ubiquitous Techniques section and also has general instructions on the different ways to construct: bottom up, top down, sideways. What I particularly liked about the instructions section was the different ways to get the circle as part of the design without it looking clumsy. That made me carry the book to the checkout counter.

My favorite design: The sheep (Woolly Winner), even though I do not really crochet much.

Most likely to actually make: The pig (Perfect Piggy), who could resist?

Least favorite: the graduate (Degree of Success). I'm not fond of the parka man (Chilly Charlie), either. I do like Humpty Dumpty, which makes me laugh for some reason.

Other features that makes me pleased with this book: The Table of Contents pages have the pictures of the designs labeled to go with the "chapters". Also, just above where you would put your thumb to thumb through the pages, that is where the page numbers are. Genius.

You can buy it HERE, HERE, and HERE, as well as at your local book store.


StCroixLady said...

I LOVE the pig! I would never knit a toilet paper roll cover - or would I? It's too cute and in pink too! I love your blog - what a super idea! Miss you!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Michelle Michelle Michelle
I have been looking and looking for Sewbeads. Why can't I find it. Which blogger host? I desperately want to see what YOU are getting up to. Pearl buttons - the last post I can see is June 08. HELP.