Last year was a really rough winter for me, but loved ones came and swept (Then)HomeSon and me away from the house to a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Asheville. We toured the Biltmore Mansion in all its Christmas glory, approaching the house just as the sun was setting.  We spent several days away from everything sad and awful and I decided I would make travel my new Christmas tradition.

This year, I traveled to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Friends took me to see the new Star Wars Movie, and I have it on good authority that both AwaySon and FartherAwaySon saw it in the same 24 hour period as I did, so it is like we all saw it together.

I have had a lot of invitations to spend the holidays here and there and I consider myself rich in friends and family.

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Suzanne Rostek said...

I am lucky to have spent a lovely morning with you early this holiday season. Thinking of you with love on Christmas Eve and sending best wishes for the coming year!