Like many people my age, I love my computer. I love the multitude of things I can find to read about, learn about, play with. I love that it gives me access to immeasurable amounts of information, videos, images, and I don't have to go find my library card. I can "save" whatever I find, and put it wherever I want it. In fact, I can print just about anything I can find, if I want a hard copy. 
When it is time for a major update such as going from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I meet the challenge with determination and not a little fear. What if my desktop is no longer recognizable? What if I have files so old they can no longer be accessed by my "new-improved" programs? What if my defaults are faulty? WHAT IF MY BROWSER GETS CHANGED AND MY BOOKMARKS DISAPPEAR?

I did it anyway. All by myself. My book marks did NOT disappear. My browser seems unscathed. I did have issues with some of my defaults, but I figured out how to fix them.

Do NOT walk toward the light, unless you are
confident that you can restore your defaults.
I love Microsoft Picture Manager. I am not sure what Windows 10 calls the thing they forced on me instead, but I hate it. I hate it so much, I considered buying a MacBook.


I could not use what they gave me. I could not edit easily, I could not target where my pictures would be saved, I could not select a saved image to open with a different program for different styles of editing. 

But I have internet access. I was able to research how to get Picture Manager to be the program I use to view all my images. I can save an image where I want it, select a different program, such as Paint, to run edits, save it, and open it again in Picture Manager for further edits.

I am pretty happy about that.

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