Coffee is a big deal, here in the Portland, Oregon area. A real big deal. People can tell you all about the beans they ground this morning and the contraption they used to make a cup from their favorite plantation's best roast.

I like coffee, too. And I like it JUST HOW I LIKE IT.

It isn't that I have exclusive taste. In fact, my Portland friends think what I like is, well, dreck.
Get your own crappy coffee right here

I buy my beans already ground.
Yup. I might grind them at the store, but I don't want to mess around and grind each cup I want to drink, just before I make it. 

Also, I like my cups of coffee in the morning to be of uniform temperature and consistently so. I like to have a cup, sit on the porch awhile, mess around on the computer, and pour a second or third cup that is every bit the same as the one I just had.

So you can imagine how my brother was perplexed when I searched for a 

He did have other alternatives 
Back row, L to R: Inoxpran espresso, Breville Grindmaster, Nespresso Vertuoline, Pavoni
 Front row, L to R: Ilsa espresso, Bodum French-press (nothing special), Bodum French-press (fancy), single cup drip factory
but nothing would do until I borrowed one from the neighbor that loaned it to me last time. "I think I have one of those," she said, "because the last people that rented the place left it behind." Left it behind?  A great little machine like that?
MR. COFFEE--not available in Oregon

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Suzanne Rostek said...

I savored your post. I love coffee! If I ever get to Portland, I'll speak the local language.