Knee Warmers! As it gets chillier and chillier--outside AND inside the house, I think about making myself some knee warmers. I found plenty of knee warmer offerings. there are a lot of them for sale that look like tall knee socks with no feet. The ones I favor come from the 20th century and include short rows. Take a look at some from some of my vintage knitting books.
One of my vintage books has patterns for military rib warmer but I think I have that area covered pretty well. Knitting seems to be a great nighttime activity and I am enjoying finishing up a gift I started for someone a couple of years ago. I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn but it pills HORRIBLY as do most of the Debbie Bliss yarns. 
Not a good choice for knee warmers which would rub underneath the jeans all the time. Look at this knee cover. It looks like standard ribbing with garter stitch short rows--kind of like a short sock with two cuffs. I found a free pattern while I was rummaging around. It is by Sarah Peasley. If she gives me permission, I will show you below a picture of some warmers made using her Uncle Phil pattern.

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