No tea pot! I went to a different branch of the same chain store I saw tea pots Saturday--they have NONE! Will keep looking. Couldn't find yarn I liked, either. Guess I will have to stash dive. No yarn stores around me were open on Sunday. Taking today off but still unlikely to find yarn around here...Need to go back into the mountains.

Waiting to rejoin Wild For Tea Cosies. In the wait for my secret handshake info, here is a decidedly UNwild tea cosy I made for a lavender I-pot. This poor thing needs something to shake up its sedate, boring life. I will work on some kind of flower or something. In case you don't know, the I-pot holds enough tea for a mug or about 2 and a half teacups full. It is quite cute when unsweatered.

I think the yarn is leftover SWTC bamboo. I always write down patterns I'm inventing and then promptly lose the paper. I am sure I have run across the paper for this pattern and said to myself, "What is THIS? Oh, well, can't remember, better throw it out..." I do remember not casting off all the stitches, just the spout. Then the others went on a cord that looked like it matched the pot. Looks weirdly out of place so I will change it when I get the chance. Maybe something more like the cosy itself.

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Hey Miss Pearl Buttons. Come on over to Wild For Tea Cosies where you are a Tea Cosy Aficionado and show off this little beauty over there too.

It is a beautiful blue and perfectly fitting.