Talk Like A Pirate Day

Also, Tea Time Tuesday

I found some great "tea" for iced tea at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has a faintly Carribean/Polynesian island sort of feel to me, so it seems appropriate for TalkLikeAPirateDay. 

It tastes great with no added sweeteners!




Looking forward to cooler temperatures. This week has been another hot one.

We did go to the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden last week, when it was cooler. 

Most days, it is fairly pleasant until about 4 pm. If we have remembered to close the windows and blinds before that happens, it is mostly tolerable inside the house. Still waiting on a third air-conditioning proposal. Think I'm about ready to commit.


Cape Horn, Washougal, Washington
I wish the fires would subside. The view is still beautiful but every now and then there is a whiff of wood smoke and I realize the haziness is from the wildfires, not fog like in the Appalachians. I'm already looking for more hikes.


Wildfires have devastated acres and acres around this hike and others in the area. Instead of more hiking, like I mentioned below,  I hope to be a part of reforestation events. While watching my new state burn, weather reports of Irma, affecting my old states are claiming my attention. I'm concerned for my many friends and family members. 

Rodney Falls
NieceK and I went on a hike on Saturday. 

We went to Beacon Rock State Park in Skamania, Washington, near the Mt. Hood National Forest. 

I think it is considered a moderate hike. 

It was easy for nieceK, but it was very difficult for me. 

I knew we were going to see the falls at the halfway point because it was a hike, look, turn-around, go back sort of hike. I don't know the technical term for that sort of hike, but I will be looking for more like that.

Hardy Falls and Pool of the Winds 

Seeing the falls is what kept me going, but I wasn't sure I could do it!

I could have stayed with my feet in the pool for another hour. My butt was on a wet rock and I didn't even care. 

My very own happy feet
The hike back was so delightful. I hardly had to stop and get my breath at all! I am definitely going to look for more hikes considered EASY to do.


I have to hurry and get some things DONE! I'm planning a trip and I can drop off gifts, rather than mail them out. This is a little doll quilt, for my mother-in-law's American Girl Doll, Kit. I have pajamas and robe planned, but understandably, 

I'm led to work on the quilt. My visits to Bead Bullies in Tigard, have me INSPIRED. I wanted to make it look like rain, but HAPPY rain. 

I think I'm on my way. The raindrop bead is just placed on the fabric, but I like the way it looks. Hope I bought enough of those bugle beads.



Blog during composition, before picture added
It's Friday when I'm writing this, but I'm enjoying iced lavender tea at Townshend's Tea on Mississippi.

That lavender tea really is soothing.



I think people should spend some time with themselves. Turn off sound or opt for white noise and think. Just think things. Sort things out. And find things to do that are solitary. I'm really enjoying doing that right now. I miss my friends but luckily, I know how to be friends with myself. And I am enjoying our time together.


A week ago, I lost another colleague at work due to reduced hours and pay, and lack of healthcare options. Rent is about $1500 for a modest one bedroom apartment with utilities. Healthcare for a single person is about the same.
She was forced to choose between the two. 

She had been at the store a long time and we loved her. Her graduate degree in costuming had long served us as we turned to her as a resource. 


To celebrate the new beginning she made for herself, we made 12" quilt blocks for her to assemble as she liked. 

I took pictures of mine in process. One done, one three-quarters done, one half done. I enjoyed working on them and I will miss my young friend.


Last week, I set this post up to publish, with space to have pics to share of nieceK's visit. Let's hope I got some shareable ones.


This pin I made for a work friend's birthday. I put it here today, because in order to work on it, I added to the already FULL dining room table another layer of "stuff I'm working on". Complete disarray. There are at least 5 projects layered, inspiring fabrics, half of my beads, as well as my largest sewing machine.

I have a sister-in-law-in-law,  HM, who is the sister of one of my actual sisters-in-law. 

I guess that's how we refer to those types of relatives? It makes sense to me. 

Anyway, she and my sister-in-law, VM, measured my spare room and assessed my needs for a work space a couple of weeks ago. 

She is a very talented architect and room designer. She is going to draw up a plan for me and help me figure out which stages to complete first so I have a work space that is functional. 

QuiltyFriend would periodically come over and help me overhaul where I stored things, and at the end of my time in GA, she was tremendous help figuring out how to pack them. But she is 2400miles away and I need serious help. 

When HM came to measure we discussed some ideas: install the rest of the flooring leftover from the downstairs after ripping out the carpet, use curtains over the closet door, hanging wall cabinets on one wall, closet overhaul. I can't wait to see the final plans



I love the Cirque du Soleil shows. 

I've seen La Nouba, Love, and Zumanity. 

Tonight, I will add KURIOS to the list! So enjoyable. Maybe I can see it one more time before it leaves on tour.



Don't know if Stash Tea Mate' will be a flavor my nieceK will enjoy, but I have a feeling we will find out this week. 

I pick nieceK up from the airport today and we will have a week together!



I am a strong, capable woman.

As I said last week, it's a tough time of year, but I'm staying ahead of it.


Taking a break. This time of year is a little bit difficult. I may be back on at the end of the week. 


Thought I found a fossil at the beach. 


It is a piece of some kind of volcanic happening. It's still exciting!

Although, I think it looks like a jellyfish in suspended animation.


 Three days off in a row! 

I managed to do all my errands, pay all my bills, work on the patio garden weeding, 

spend time with friends, entertain, and spend huge hunks of time on the computer.

I also spent time looking at my beads and embellishments for my elephant series. I'm not saving ANYthing anymore. If I like something from my stash, by golly, I'm going to use it.

Thanks, SwedishCB, for reminding me to live in the now.


Elephant #8. I went to my guild's Hand Sew group and finished him up.

I've actually been working on Elephant #0's quilting and embellishing, but that is a looooong process and I don't have a lot to show for the hours I have put in.

Tonight is the guild meeting and I am looking forward to it.


Seven more days until I get a third estimate on air-conditioning. Bad news--reviews of ductless heat and air say one should rely on back-up heating. Too bad for me, my back-up heating doesn't work. Good news, I have a tiny space heater that is very efficient and I can buy another this coming winter.

 Also good news, hot weather is very good for sitting still and working on very small projects that don't entirely cover your lap with a huge heavy quilt. 

Back to the elephants! This is number 7. She's a bit wrinkly, but will iron out nicely, I think. Lovely color dots but terrible batik fabric. This was some of the cheap stuff. 

Number 8 is red but not ready.



So, I wanted lavender tea, like I posted about last week. But when it came right down to it, none of the grocery stores on my errand day had any. It was so hot, I came home, despite the fact that I wanted the lavender tea because it is so hot. 




Happy Saturday! I have the day off! I hope to attend a Hand Sew group for my guild. Here is some doggie fun for the weekend. 

From Sisters 2017, this is a Round-Robin quilt submitted by Catherine Garner of Portland, Oregon. 

Notice the barbed wire fence around the pup.

Garner worked on this quilt with friends from Anchorage: Cathy Beattie, Janna Chandler, Linda Hartley, Lael Marlow, and Elise Rose. 

I believe the dog was the beginning of the project. 

The quilting was done by Marybeth O'Haloran.

I always think I would like to participate in a Round-Robin group, but I'm not sure if I have the confidence in my ability to see a project through to the end. I would hate to let someone down.


Back to the Sisters Quilt Show.

This quilt was made by a Pat Busby, a member of Cover to Cover. 

The quilt is called Fall Harvest.

Cover to Cover members all read the same book and then make a small art quilt in response.

You probably guessed that the pumpkins caught my eye. Also, look at those flowers!

They read MY KITCHEN YEAR by Ruth Reichi


Today's post is from the 2015 Sacred Threads Exhibit in Haysville, N.C. This quilt was made by Susan Leonard from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. I especially like the Kantha style stitching and the special, ethnic fabrics.

Susan Leonard's Artist Statement:
"In my adult life, I have finally come to trust others. This was not the case in my childhood. Different from my independent, youthful self, I now embrace community.  I have formed and joined circles to support my art, nurture my spirituality, and to provide periodic coaching.  

These are my Sacred Circles.  My piece, SACRED CIRCLES, is a composition of gifted fabric from my Sacred Circle of artist friends.  Silk from Thailand, India, France, and the United States - all from friends - is blended together and represents my love, respect, and joy in community with these amazing women."


Here is something especially for my QuiltyFriend and my old Applique' group. These are pictures of a quilt hand quilted by a Mennonite Ladies' Circle, photographed at the 2017 Sisters Quilt Show.



Ease headaches with iced lavender tea. 

I found out about it HERE

I've been having a lot of headaches and the heartysoul.com website explains how the tea can lower heightened blood pressure. 

I expect to give it a try in the next two weeks.
I don't have any food-grade lavender, but I know where to buy it bagged.


MUSSELS to make you strong enough to power through the day!

Monday Mantra thought for the day.

We have really enjoyed our UtahFamily's visit. 

We got to go to the beach and I stepped into the Pacific Ocean. 

I did get a picture of some of the people I love feeling the 57 degree water circle their toes.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of my own feet in the water. 
Not like the Atlantic beaches I know